About Fluffball

My creator is full of love and that is how I came about.  She and her family brought me in the world today, so that we can all work to make it a better way.  

I am all about making YOU believe in YOU and what Superpowers YOU have.  You are a Super Hero in disguise!  I am one too and we are all about making the world a better planet to live in.  I want to teach and show YOU what LOVE is all about.  For YOU are LOVE!   

I want YOU to learn about how LOVE and PEACE within YOU = HAPPINESS.  Look at my antennas and face.  Do you see that?

I LOVE all things!  This includes Mother Earth ~ all animals ~ all humans ~ all living things.  Can you think of any other things that we should all LOVE?  I would love to hear from YOU! 

I am from the planetOM and I work out of the Peace Station. I am here to help YOU with your journey in life. My teachings will include the Five Human Values, which are so simple to use in your daily life. With these Values we can all live peacefully and happily. YOU will learn and see how these values will enable YOU to bring out YOUR Superpowers, within YOU . . . the Super Hero.

I am small and my body is fluffy like a cloud and of the colour blue.   I have two antennas, two eyes, 2 hands with 5 fingers, red boots and a big huge smile to remind you to always be Happy, Happy, Happy!

Please support me with what you can because we have put together a great plan.

In the meantime, I would love to hear from YOU!  Do YOU Believe . . . in YOU?

Love YOUR friend,